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Innovative fitness project to launch in Swindon

Starting in August, running community GoodGym, who combine getting fit with supporting older people and community projects, will launch in Swindon in partnership with Swindon Borough Council and Nationwide and will combine weekly group runs that are free and open to all abilities, with a physical task to help local community organisations.

GoodGym Swindon will be led by the Council Active Lives Officer Emma. Each week Emma and a team of qualified volunteers will be leading a group of runners on a short run before stopping off to support a community organisation with a physical task like planting trees, shifting earth, or clearing derelict land.

In addition to the weekly group run, GoodGym runners can also choose to be paired with an isolated older person and commit to a weekly social visit and/or help with one-off household tasks. The GoodGym befriending scheme has been proven to reduce loneliness and improve wellbeing.

Swindon residents can sign up to run with GoodGym at:

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