Bike Week Toolkit

Ideas for Bike Week 2016

As the biggest nationwide cycling event in the UK, UK Bike Week encourages over half a million people to join in events, rethink their everyday journeys and switch to cycling as the most convenient way to get around.

In 2017, Bike Week falls on 10th – 18th June 2017.

Employers can play their part too – no matter how small or large your budget is.

  • Bike Breakfast
    If your premises has a canteen, offer a free breakfast (or if the budget wont stretch that far, a hot drink, or a banana) for staff riding to work on a set day within National Bike Week. Either arrange for a champion to stand at the bike shed giving out vouchers, or exchange a breakfast on production of a cycle helmet.  It’s usually obvious who has cycled in!

  • Active Swindon Challenge
    Promote the Swindon challenge that rewards journeys made on foot, bike or public transport. Your workplace can set up a team (if it hasn’t already done so) then encourage individuals to sign up and join the workplace team.
    See for details.  If you would like some leaflets to distribute to staff about the challenge (which runs to September), email

  • Staff ride
    Organise a short bike ride – either after work, during work time or at lunchtime. One of the regular cyclists will be happy to lead and find a safe route.  Incorporating a stop for refreshments is often appealing.  Use the Swindon cycle map for route inspiration, or use one of the 7 mile “rounds”.

  • Free bubbles!
    If your workplace is lucky enough to have shower facilities, organise for a nice bottle of shower gel to be donated to each shower cubicle with love from the management.

  • Cyclist prize draw
    Organise for everyone that cycles in on a set day during National Bike Week to be entered into a prize draw. Prizes can depend on your budget and needn’t be expensive.  From a box of chocolates, cinema tickets, bottle of champagne to a Harrod’s hamper, make sure you give it lots of publicity and attract new people to try cycling to work. (NB: Try to make the prize(s) something everybody would like – non-cyclists are often turned off by cycling related prizes, and won’t be encouraged to join in)

  • Cycle information stall
    Simply put out information, such as maps, advice leaflets and freebies on a table in a communal place – staff room, reception etc. You can order resources from

  • The Golden Lock promotion
    Buy a cycle lock and spray paint it gold.  Each day during bike week, choose a bike parked at the workplace at random and put the gold lock on it, with instructions for the bike’s owner to come to reception to collect their prize.

  • Get publicity via the Bike Week website
    The Bike Week website ( allows you to list your event, qualify for free insurance (if required) and download templates for posters etc.