Clean Air Day

There is a National Clean Air Day, normally in June every year. Your school may like to hold a Clean Air Day where you can raise awareness and run any of the activities or lessons suggested below. Alternatively, you could choose to have your own Clean Air Day on a date of your choice or hold a number of activities throughout the year.

Official Clean Air Day

Click to visit the official Clean Air Day website and to find out the date for this year and utilise lots of free resources.

Clean Air Day is an opportunity to share information about air quality by organising awareness-raising events such as a school assembly or running a school-wide poster competition

Clean Air Day pledges

Clean Air Day pledges can be undertaken by staff, pupils and parents/carers, using the template pledge cards provided here, to encourage everyone to change their mode of transport, travel sustainably, reduce idling etc.

Examples of pledges include:
“Walk to school on …(date)…” OR “Walk my children to school on …(date)…”
“Cycle to school on …(date)…” OR “Scoot to school on…”
“Use public transport on …(date)…”
“Leave my car at home on …(date)…” OR “Switch off my engine when I can on…”
“Share tips to cut air pollution with others on …(date)…”

Clean Air Day stickers

Stickers of Percy the Parrot can be given to the pupils to wear to show that they have participated in Clean Air Day. Alternatively, they could also be given out as part of a clean air lesson.
Please click here to download a set of stickers which have been set up to be printed on Avery No. L7161 labels.


Why not spread the word throughout the school community.
Please click here to download a clean air leaflet and / or posters which is an informative resource that can be shared with the wider school community to increase awareness around air quality.