Swindon Cycle Parking interactive map

Please find below an interactive map of cycle parking in Swindon.

Click on any of the circles to find out where the parking is, whether it is covered, lit and public, and whether it conforms to our guidance.  There are also pictures of the cycle parking to help you identify it.

To help rate the parking provision, we have graded the facilities and colour coded on the map as follows;

Red – Scores 1.  Does not conform to SBC cycle parking guidance (mainly because it is “wheel grip” parking, or the stands have been installed too close together, or in an inappropriate location)

Yellow – Scores 2.  The cycle parking conforms to our guidance and is “adequate”.   The stands may lack shelter, lighting or be quite a distance from the destination they are intended to serve.

Green – Scores 3.  Excellent cycle parking – it is covered, lit and close to the destination it is intended to serve.  it may have additional features such as CCTV or a layer of security.

The “distance to facilities” scale is graded as follows;

1 – More than 100 metres of the entrance and / or without safe passage to the facility
2 – Approx 50 – 100 metres of the entrance
3 – Indicates parking for multiple destinations (eg general town centre / village centre racks)
4 – Within 50m of the entrance
5 – Right outside the door

This is an ongoing project.  We have tried to include all the cycle parking we are aware of, but if you find some cycle parking not on the map, please tell us about it.