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Old cycle park cards frozen following GDPR review

Holders of the Cycle Park access cards that allow entry into the Fleming Way and Brunel West cycle parks should be aware of new Terms and Conditions that have been put in place following a GDPR review.

The new Terms and Conditions (view them on Swindon Borough Council’s website) state that card usage will be reviewed on an annual basis and any cardholders that haven’t used their card in the past 2 years risk having their cards cancelled.

If you find your card has been cancelled, a new card can be ordered online, and you will need to pay £10 for the new card.  To avoid having your card cancelled, please ensure you swipe your card at one of the parks at least once every two years.

The Terms and Conditions also place the onus on the cardholder to let Swindon Borough Council know if your home address changes.   Please email to inform us to update your details.

The new measures increase the security of the cycle parks, and allow the council to delete personal details of card holders that are no longer active.

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