Swindon Travel Choices is all about making travel simple. Simple to find information, simple to understand, simple to use. We want to help you find ways to travel that save you time or money, and improve your wellbeing and local environment.

We were funded as part of Swindon Borough Council’s successful bid for money from central government as part of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund 2011 - 2017.

Below are some of our projects and achievements to date....

Our projects

Screenshot of Swindon Travel Choices evaluation video

LSTF evaluation video

This film is a reflection of some of the schemes we have delivered between 2011 and 2014….

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Swindon Flyer Routes

We have been developing a network of "Flyer Routes" in Swindon. Short, flat, away from traffic to connect residential areas with shopping and employment.

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Personalised Travel Planning

With funding from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, we carried out various residential and workplace "Personalised Travel Planning" (PTP) projects.

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