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How it works

The Active Swindon Challenge is a tournament that encourages Swindon residents to leave the car behind and walk, cycle and take public transport for daily journeys.

You can choose to take part as an individual participant and you also can compete as part of a group, such as a workplace, team, family or friends.  Anyone can take part - simply log your journey to work, walking the dog, popping to the shops or getting fresh air at lunchtime.

You can register at any time and the leaderboards will reset on the 1st of each month. Once you have logged your first journey of 2020 you are entitled to receive your free Active Swindon Challenge water bottle.

Remember to keep logging trips, as every trip equates to an entry into the grand prize draw to be drawn at the end of March 2020 to win a £50 High Street Voucher.

Watch our video from 2015 to learn more

Earning points

Every trip* travelled in a sustainable way will be rewarded with points towards your individual and team totals. Points are allocated based on the mode which makes up the greatest proportion of a trip e.g. if you walk 1 mile and get the bus for 5 miles, you\'ll earn 1 point for that journey.

  • Walk / run – 2 points per trip
  • Cycle – 2 points
  • Car share – 1 point
  • Bus / train – 1 point

*By trip, we mean a journey from your starting point to your destination. Don\'t forget to log both trips in a return journey!

Referral Bonus

You can earn bonus points for referring you friends and family. Just make sure to give them your username, and when they register, there is a field into which they can enter it. Once they are successfully registered, you\'ll earn 10 points.

Points mean medals

Medals will be awarded to you as you clock up the points. Check your profile page and the leaderboads to see what you’ve been awarded and check how many points you’ve got to go until your next step up. Teams also receive medals based on their average points, so be sure to encourage everyone to do their best!

  • Bronze – 10-60 points
  • Silver – 61-150 points
  • Gold – 151-250 points
  • Platinum – 250+ points


Everyone who signs up and registers at least one trip will receive a free Active Swindon Challenge water bottle.
Participants who meet these criteria will be emailed with details on how to collect their water bottle.

Active Swindon Challenge leaderboard

The Active Swindon Challenge leaderboard shows who has collected the most points. It also shows the

points awarded to teams divided by the number of active participants.

The leaderboard will be reset on the 1st of every month and a prize winner selected on 31st March 2020.

Good luck!