Can you help with transport research?

Are you female, know a female, live with a female, identify as a female, have a daughter, wife, girlfriend, mother, aunty, niece, friend? Then this is for you!

Last year, Innovate UK together with Prof Glenn Lyons (UWE and Mott McDonald) and Scott Cain (Motion Friendly and Connected Places Catapult) did a piece of work on how to make active travel more accessible by applying something called ComboTravel which is a combination of active travel modes with one motorised mode such as cycling part of the way then putting the bike on the bus for the rest of the way to enable more people to access AT regardless of physical/mental/geographical/financial circumstances. The initial report is here.

This is now being followed up by Innovate UK commissioning some further work on, “What are the lived experiences and needs of women and girls to safely use active or combo travel?”. The central aim of this research project is to understand the lived experiences of women (as self-identified) from a broad range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds in relation to transport and everyday journeys, with a particular focus on active travel and combo travel.

Please can you help improve the travel experiences and safety for women and girls. This short survey explores different lived experiences of day-to-day transport. Responses to help inform future funding opportunities. Provide feedback by 25th May, and opt in to win one of three £100 vouchers or to donate to a charity of your choice.

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