Car sharing

What is car sharing?

Car Sharing is when two or more people travel togather in the same car.  Many of us already car share informally, but if you regularly make long trips in the car alone (to work for example) it may make more sense to get another person (or two or three) in your car and help share your petrol costs.

Some groups do “reciprocal sharing” where person A drives one day / week, and person B is the passenger.  Then the following day / week, person B will drive with person A as the passenger.  Other times, a person will drive all the time and the passenger will offer petrol money.  Either way, when people car share, the cost of driving is shared out.

Car Share Swindon

Over 2500 people who live or work in Swindon have registered with  This is an online database that matches people together based on the routes and times that people travel.  It’s free and easy to register and chances are, you’ll find someone going your way.  Even if you only share once a week, you’re helping to save money.

Car share stories

Dishwasher facials, full finger swearing and snaffling emergency chocolate are the topics of conversation for Jess and Liz on their morning commute.

Car sharing is great way to meet new people, save money and help cut traffic.

Help your friends travel simpler