Cycle parking in Swindon

There is a wide range of cycle parking dotted around Swindon and the local area as well as public tool stations within our cycle parks, and commuter cycle facilities to enable more people to cycle. Volunteers have started to compile an interactive map to show where the cycle parking is.   This can be added to as more stands appear.

Free cycle stands for small businesses

Swindon Borough Council have teamed up with Life Cycle UK to provide free cycle stands to small businesses and community organisations.

Installing cycle parking is a great way to enable your staff, your customers and the general public in your community to unlock the active health and environmental benefits of cycling.

To apply for up to 4 FREE quality ‘Sheffield stand’ stands (parking for up to 8 bikes), or to check your eligibility and make sure your premises are suitable for cycle stands, or for further details,  visit Life Cycle’s Website

Swindon Cycle parks

Swindon Borough Council offers locked cycle parking in the Brunel cycle park or Fleming Way cycle park in Swindon town centre. They provide 24 hour access via a Smartcard and there is parking for 160 bikes. There is no daily charge to use the cycle parks, but you will need to pay for an Access Card to use the cycle parking facilities.  This costs a one-off fee of £10.

Brunel cycle park is situated on the ground floor of the Brunel West car park (behind the big screen in Wharf Green). Access to the park is via the walkway that runs through the car park from Wharf Green (House of Fraser) to Farnsby Street.

The Fleming Way cycle park is located on the ground floor of the Fleming Way car park (opposite the Whalebridge car park near the courts). Access to the park is from Gordon Gardens, and a cycle lane has been added to College Street and Gordon Gardens for safer entry to the park.

Anyone can use the cycle parks but you must be a registered user. To become a registered user, you will need to apply for an Access Card by completing the online application form below. Once payment has been made, your card will be sent to your home address within ten days. Your Access Card can be used at both cycle parks.

More details here.

Our Cycle Parking Standards for developers 2023

We have developed a set of standards to ensure that cycle parking on developments in Swindon is fit for purpose.  The document can be downloaded below.


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