The Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan

Swindon Borough Council has prepared a draft Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) has been prepared to improve the network for cyclists and walkers across the borough for the next ten years.

LCWIPs represent the new long-term strategic approach being promoted by the government to determine the walking and cycling infrastructure which is required across a defined area.  This process follows guidance issued by the Department for Transport and the preparations stages are summarised in the table below:

1Determining ScopeEstablish the geographical extent of the LCWIP and arrangements for governing and preparing the plan.
2Gathering informationIdentify existing patterns of walking and cycling and potential new journeys.Review existing conditions and identify barriers to walking and cycling. Review related transport and land use policies and programmes.
3Network planning for cyclingIdentify origin and destination points and cycle flows. Convert flows into a network of routes and determine the type of improvement required.
4Network planning for walkingIdentify key trip generators, core walking zones and routes, audit existing provision and determine the types of improvement required.
5Prioritising improvementsPrioritise improvements to develop a phased programme for future investment
6Integration and applicationIntegrate outputs into local planning and transport policies, strategies and delivery plans.

To date, this process has generated a prioritised programme of twenty-three recommended proposals.  The interventions which have been assessed cover:

  • a combination of upgrades to existing cycling and footway infrastructure
  • making provision to enhance connectivity into the growth areas of the borough
  • addressing missing links between the core Swindon urban area the surrounding settlements.

This package of measures would be used as a basis for future funding bids for grants from central government.  Initial engagement has taken place with Swindon Cycle Campaign in their role as the principle representative user body for cyclists in Swindon.  Members of the public and wider stakeholders are now invited to view and comment on the draft Swindon LCWIP, its objectives and the prioritisation process to determine the improvements necessary to establish a safer and enhanced network for walking and cycling.

The draft document was debated at Cabinet on 7th July 2021 and a formal consultation phase took place from 2nd August 2021 for a period of 8 weeks.  The document has now being revised in light of consultation comments and will be re-presented for adoption in April / May 2022.

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