How are people getting to your event?

Thinking about how people will get to your event is a key step in the event planning process, and Swindon Travel Choices has a variety of resources that can help to get you started.

Online journey planner

There’s a free journey planner on the home page at

Customers can put in their starting postcode and the event postcode and be presented with options for walking, cycling, public transport and car.  The journey planner will outline the time it takes, calories burnt and CO2 savings.

Cycling and walking to your event

The Swindon Cycle Map shows where all the traffic free routes are that allow people to walk or cycle to your venue.  The map can be downloaded as a PDF from the website.  Alternatively hard copies can be obtained free from all the main libraries in Swindon, or requested via the website.

If people arrive by bike, where will they park their bike securely?  If you need to hire out additional racks, see our link above.

Public Transport

  • Is there a bus stop near your event site, and are the walking routes safe, lit and convenient for bus passengers to walk to your event?
  • Do you need to put up signs directing bus passengers from the stop to your site?  If so, don’t forget to sign the reverse route back to the stop.

As well as the journey planner mentioned above, bus times can be obtained:

Traveline, or the main bus companies in Swindon

Swindon’s Bus Company and


Coach and rail

If people are likely to come from further afield to your event, rail can be a quick option.  Swindon’s railway station is connected to London Paddington, Reading, Chippenham, Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham and Gloucester.  The TransWilts line has connections to Melksham, Trowbridge, Westbury and beyond.

Rail times and tickets can be obtained from Great Western Railway

If you are travelling with a group of friends (3 to 9 adults), book together and save up to a third on the rail fare with Groupsave.

Passenger Assist

If you have a disability, non-visible disability, or are elderly, you can pre-book journey assistance. This can be booked online through GWR or by calling 0800 197 1329″


A taxi is a great option for groups of friends, or for making the connection to the event from the railway station.

  • Is there a safe drop off and pick up point for taxis?
  • Do you need to make it clear with any signage?
  • Why not put taxi phone numbers on signs for your customers?  (A list of taxi phone numbers is available above).

Travelling by car

If it is likely that people will arrive by car, think about your car parking arrangements, whether you need marshals, whether to charge to cover some of the costs, whether the car park surface will stand up to lots of cars (after rain, grass will become muddy and cars could get stuck, for example).

  • Where will blue badge holders park?
  • Ensure that any postcode used in advertising the event will lead sat nav users to the correct car park.
  • Encourage car sharing by promoting Swindon’s free car share matching service –
  • Are there electric charging points on site?

When advertising how to get to the event, make sure that driving and parking are the last thing mentioned, prioritising the more sustainable modes first.  We have a downloadable template advising customers about how to get to your event.

Promoting your event

You will have your own ideas and channels for promoting your event, but make sure you include messages about getting to the event using sustainable transport from the outset.
You can use social media polls to test how customers are planning to get you’re your event, or to send them to the Swindon Travel Choices website to look at their options.

There are also many ways Swindon Travel Choices can help in advance and on the day, such as:

  • Using our own website (events page), Facebook and Twitter feeds to promote the event
  • Providing material (relating to sustainable travel) for social media
  • Pre-event transport planning
  • Having a Swindon Travel Choices pop up stall at the event with free maps and transport advice and goodies
  • Advice on how your website can properly reflect transport choices and access for all / equality
  • Help and advice on setting up park and ride, park and stride, for larger events, plus engaging with bus / rail and community transport companies
  • Advice on temporary parking provision – particularly if using SBC car parks/schools
  • Advice on bike rack hire
  • Conducting on the day travel surveys / where people are from – plus advice on your own surveys ensuring they cover the right transport questions
  • Organising for your event to be a Liftshare destination on

There may be a charge for some of these services, but in the first instance, drop us a line at

Help your friends travel simpler