Swindon’s car club

Swindon currently hosts a car club operated by social enterprise, Co-Wheels.  The car club provides vehicles that can be rented by the hour or day, 24/7 access, 365 days of the year.

For when your journey cannot be made by other modes of transport, the Car Club is a great solution.

Car club members have access to a combination of manual and automatic vehicles in three locations across the town.  We hope to expand this, and also to provide electric vehicles into the fleet.

Users who sign up to become a member of the Car Club in Swindon will also have access to hundreds of vehicles located in dozens of towns, cities and communities across the UK, including Bristol, Reading, Newbury and Oxford.

Conveniently the vehicles are located on-street and are able to be rented contact-free, with ease of joining the club and step-by-step guide to enrolment and reservation.

How Car Club works

  • Join – Fill in details online at  Once verified, you will receive your membership card in the post.
  • Reserve – you can reserve vehicles in advance or on the go.  Simply log in on the website, or use the mobile app.
  • Unlock and Go – Use your membership card to unlock the vehicle.  You’re ready to drive!
  • Return – to the same location, and use your card to lock the vehicle for the final time.


  • Wellington Street – Opposite the railway station
  • Princes Street – Outside the Swindon Borough Council office
  • Prospect Place car park, Old Town
  • Marlowe Avenue – Located in the new Oakfield development, but available to all
  • COMING SOON – Wichelstowe


There is a one-off membership fee to join the club, and a small ongoing monthly fee (currently £5).  There is an hourly or daily rate, plus mileage charge.  Current prices can be found at

When compared to owning a car, the costs are favourable.  The pricing includes the use of the car, the fuel, insurance, breakdown cover, cleaning, tax, MOT, servicing and repairs.  How much is your car costing you?


Have a question about Car Club?

Need help with billing, membership, reservations and more, contact Co-wheels.

Meet car club member, Marcus 

Marcus sold his car a few years ago and joined Co wheels Car Club where he is saving a fortune by not having the expense of owning a car.

He says, “The scheme really benefits me. I still have cars available to use when I need one, but by only paying when I drive, it’s much cheaper than car ownership.  It makes you think about how many journeys by car are really necessary.

I now walk to work and back, which has improved my physical and mental health, and I just shop for food every day or two, which has halved my shopping bill as I’m not filling a trolley with unnecessary rubbish!

By being a car club member, there’s no stress for MOTs, tax, insurance, servicing, new tyres, fuel costs.  I also now have the option of renting out my driveway for income as parking spaces.  It won’t work for everyone, but anyone that has a car sitting around for those occasional journeys should really consider converting to the car club.”

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