Learn how to create a successful travel plan

  • Ever wondered what makes some Travel Plans more successful than others?
  • Want to learn how to use survey data to inform effective design and implementation of Travel Plans?
  • Need examples of what other Travel Planners do to influence behavioural change?

Swindon Borough Council has teamed up with ITP Ltd to produce an online training tool, TravelPlans365. The website is free for Swindon organisations to access and mixes easy to follow, bite-sized, videos with downloadable templates and training materials to help you find the answers to the questions above at your own pace. Course content has been designed by ITP’s experienced Travel Planning team, working in partnership with local authority officers and private sector developers.

Learn at your own pace

Learn at your own pace by working through 10 modules that cover all aspects of Travel Plan preparation, research, and implementation. Work sequentially through each module, or dip-in to specialist topics most relevant to you

Simple bitesize videos

Videos from 5-15 mins long walk you through the basics of building a business case, gaining staff support, completing surveys, and writing a Travel Plan. Learn how to devise, market, and implement successful initiatives and promotional events that contribute to behavioural change.

Customisable templates

Download and edit template travel survey and Travel Plan docs to save you time and shortcut the effort needed to set out your action plan and objectives. Templates are based on Travel Plans successfully implemented in a range of different contexts. End of module quizzes and activities to reinforce learning.

Support from our gurus

Get in touch with ITP’s expert Travel Planners if you have questions about the training module content, or get stuck with your Travel Plan’s implementation.

Help your friends travel simpler