Community rail partnerships are a bridge between the railway and local communities. They allow local people to talk to the rail companies and the local council about improvements they would like to see. The focus is on practical initiatives.

This can include:
  • Voluntary work to create art and education projects.
  • Cleaning up stations and planting flowers.
  • Identifying where walking and cycling routes can be improved.
  • Special events to promote rail use.
In Swindon there is one community rail partnership:
  • TransWilts Community Rail Partnership  – this focuses on the line from Swindon to Salisbury, passing through Chippenham, Melksham, Trowbridge, Westbury, Dilton Marsh and Warminster. 

The organisation seeks to demonstrate and develop the importance of the railway to our local communities and economy, promoting improved connectivity between our local services and the wider national rail network.

Their mission is to: “carry on activities which encourage and promote increasing community usage of our local rail stations for the benefit of those living and working in Wiltshire, and to represent the interests of local rail users.”

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