Public Rights of Way

In Swindon’s area, the extensive network of paths run from the Thames Path National Trail at Lechlade to the Ridgeway National Trail on the Marlborough Downs. Public Rights of Way are paths and tracks which anyone can use to cross private land. You have a legal right to use them at any time of the day or night, all year round.

Did you know?

There are some 4,000 miles (6,000 km) of Public Rights of Way in Wiltshire that anyone can use.

All Rights of Way should be marked by a signpost or waymark where they leave a surfaced road, and also generally at regular intervals along the route. It is a good idea to take an Ordnance Survey map if you do not know the area.

Types of Right of Way

Public Footpath

  • the right of way is on foot only, and waymarked with yellow arrows

Public Bridleway

  • the right of way is on foot, on horseback or on a pedal cycle; and waymarked with blue arrows

Restricted byway

  • The public will have a right of way on foot, on horseback, on a pedal cycle and be able to use a horsedrawn carriage

Byway Open to All Traffic (BOAT)

  • the right of way is for vehicles and all other kinds of user, and waymarked with red arrows

Note that the surface of this type of byway does not have to be of a standard that ordinary cars can drive over it.

For more information please see Swindon Borough Council’s main Rights of Way web pages, which includes links to the definitive Rights of Way maps.

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