About the Active Swindon Challenge

Good news!  The Active Swindon Challenge is now live, with a new app-based approach that will allow residents, workers and visitors to compete as individuals or teams and gain points that contribute towards prizes and rewards.

How do I play?

The Active Swindon Challenge app is now available to download in the Apple App store and Google Play. Once you download the app and register, competitors can record journeys in the app where the car has been left behind in favour of walking / running, cycling / scooting, and taking public transport.

Download on the App Store

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Now that it is available on both platforms, we will officially launch the challenge and kick start the prizes!

You will gain points for the journeys you make – whether it’s the commute, walking to school, popping to the shops, nipping around a friend’s house or taking the dog for a walk.  The points will build up and you can watch your progress on the individual and team leaderboards.


Where is my verification email?

If you don’t receive a verification email, please check your junk mail folder / promotions folder (Gmail).

How do I earn points?

Points are awarded on distance travelled, but there are more points on offer if you have put more effort into the journey.  For example, you will gain:

  • 20 points per mile for walking and cycling
  • 7 points per mile for taking a bus or train
  • 1 point per mile for going by car

Additionally there are 10 additional points if you replace a car journey, and 50 additional points for completing one of the sub-challenges.

How do you define “replacing a car journey”?

This is subjective, but if you could have made the journey by a car, but went by sustainable transport, then you have replaced the car journey with walking, cycling or taking public transport.  For example, if you are walking the dog, or heading out purely to walk or cycle for exercise, then no, you did not replace a car journey.  If you are going to a destination, and could have got a taxi, a lift or taken your own car, but chose not to, then we think this classifies as replacing a car journey.

What are the sub-challenges?

To keep up your interest, we have various challenges sprinkled through the period – such as making one off journeys by bike, taking public transport a certain number of times in a given period, or even being the designated driver at weekends!  You can join up to 5 challenges simultaneously and if you successfully complete the challenge, you will gain 50 extra points and be entered into a prize draw.  If you don’t complete the challenge, it will simply expire.

When does the challenge start and end?

We have launched the Active Swindon Challenge on 18th January 2022  and the app is ready to download on both iOs and android devices.  We apologise that it has taken us longer to launch than anticipated, but there were some glitches to iron out to make sure it’s as great as it can be.

The challenge will initially run through the rest of January, February, March and April. After this time you will still be able to log your journeys and compete on the leaderboards, but the prizes will be on pause until the next “flash challenge” period later in the summer.

What are the prizes?

We know you enjoy the thrill of a little reward here and there so we will randomly reward two lucky players with t-shirts, waterbottles and “Tony’s Chocoloney” chocolate each week.  There’s also an additional weekly prize draw to win a £50 Love to Shop voucher.

Between launch and the end of April, there will be specific mode or time-limited challenges to join.  Competitors successfully completing each challenge will gain fifty additional points, and go into a prize draw to win a delicious hamper of goodies from local deli, Bloomfields.

Later in 2022 we are adding the additional challenge of having to track down QR codes to scan all over the borough.  This will give you an opportunity to explore new places around Swindon.  Each scan of a QR code earns the participant an entry into the weekly QR prize draw.

Can I play if I don’t live in Swindon?

Yes, you can download the app and log journeys from anywhere in the UK, but only journeys made in Swindon will be eligible to win prizes.  This means that people who live outside the borough but who work in Swindon, or visit Swindon and log journeys here will be eligible for prizes.

Beyond April?

We will keep the app operational beyond April so you can continue to motivate yourself by recording journeys and competing on the leaderboards.  However, we’ll pause the prizes and challenges, and evaluate the game so far.  We intend to bring back “flash challenges” through the year, and longer term will encourage local businesses to get behind the challenge and offer players additional treats, such as money off their products.

We’ll update this page regularly so call back soon to find out more!

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