Cycle to Work

Did you know that a half of all journeys to work made by car are under five miles?  For journeys to work of this distance, cycling offers a cheap, healthy and fast alternative to driving, and it doesn’t take as long as you think to pedal. Staff who cycle to work arrive alert, happy and ready for the day ahead. They save a lot of money too!

Swindon has some first class cycle routes, many of which are off road.

What you can do as an employee to encourage cycling in your workplace

If you do not already have safe, secure and covered cycle parking along with lockers, changing/drying facilities and showers, raise it with your facilities management. Small organisations can apply for up to 4 cycle stands from

Find out whether your organisation has a Bicycle User Group (BUG) for staff to network together and discuss cycling. If not, offer to set one up!  There is further information and advice on setting up a group on the CTC website.

Ask your employer to provide ‘pool bikes’ if many of the staff do short local business trips. (Folding bikes make excellent pool bikes, especially as they can be used easily on journeys combined with public transport).  There is a PDF guide to setting up a pool bike scheme you can download here: swindon_poolbike_guide.

Ask your employer to set up financial incentives such as interest-free loan, discounts for bike purchases and preferential cycle insurance rates. There are salary sacrifice schemes available to help you buy new bikes tax free through payroll.

Does your employer offer a cycle mileage allowance to enable financial reimbursement for staff cycling on company business?  If not, ask your HR department for fair treatment; it’s cheaper than paying out vehicle mileage.  Employees should be entitled up to 20p per mile tax free.

Promote and publicise cycling – you can have a stock of Swindon cycle maps for your workplace; e-mail us at Swindon Travel Choices for some copies.

Join in the Active Swindon Cycle Challenge

Convince your marketing / communications team that there are other CSR benefits to holding cycling initiatives; for example a puncture repair service, or regular free bike servicing checks.

Promote Adult cycle training to give your colleagues confidence in the saddle.

Organise some informal lunch time or after work social rides with colleagues.

Help your friends travel simpler