The road safety team at Dorset & Wiltshire FRS have been busy developing new road safety resources for home-schooling KS3,4 & 5.

It has been important to adapt the road safety messaging and cover the new road safety risks we all face during lockdown. The team have produced interactive workbooks for young people to study at home.

As everyone will no doubt have noticed, we have enjoyed much quieter roads since lockdown. This has allowed for a number of wonderful things such as environmental benefits, a reclaim by nature and more people enjoying the roads as cyclists.

Sadly however, we have also seen a detrimental impact with reckless behaviour such as speeding, and other negative impacts the stress of Covid 19 has placed on all road users.

These workbooks are:

  • FREE for anyone to use
  • Aligned with PSHE curriculum for KS3-KS5 (or 11-18 year olds) and encompass elements from Health & Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World
  • Vibrant and interactive with a wide range of media
  • Formatted with exercises to complete, an assignment to submit to teachers and a quiz using Microsoft forms to test their learning.
  • Embedded with mental health exercises and ways to interact with those they live with
  • Embedded with public health messages
  • Inclusive of safeguarding by way of signposting

The modules have gained some National attention with press coverage from Road Safety GB. Module 3 on pedestrians was been released this week, with the fourth due early next week.

“Pedestrians” invites students to consider the importance of social distancing and the challenges this can pose when sharing the pavement with people from other households (ie. Crossing the road more or stepping out in to the road).

Access the full suite of resources to date.

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