Make a pledge to leave the car at home on Clean Air Day – Thursday 17th June.

June is cycling month, with bike week, Pride Ride, Love to Ride Summer of Cycling and more.  And the beautiful weather has made active travel even easier for many of us.  So please do make the pledge to leave your car at home on Thursday 17th June and let us know so we can share your pledge.

Larissa Lockwood, director of Clean Air at Global Action Plan, says: ‘Our children have not been exempt from the turmoil and disruption caused by the global pandemic. As we return to our lives, we must take this chance to create a healthier environment for our children to go back to – where they can learn and play safely. By protecting our children from the damage caused by air pollution, we are protecting their future.

‘This Clean Air Day we must all come together – individuals, schools, businesses, local authorities across the UK to collectively take action and seize this moment to support change, for good. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity for change. We must use it.’

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