Highways England are undertaking some research into the use of raised profile road markings as a possible intervention to reduce single vehicle run-off collisions and ultimately improve road safety.

They are looking for some volunteer cyclists to take part in trials at the Science Museum site, Wroughton. You may have already encountered raised profile markings as carriageway edge lines or hard shoulder markings on our motorways and some dual carriageways.

They say, “We are interested in understanding the effect of introducing these markings on other types of roads for all road users, including cyclists.  To do this we are considering undertaking off-road trials locally to Swindon during September, when we will be looking for competent cyclists to experience these markings and provide some qualitative and quantitative feedback.”

When: The trials are provisionally booked to take place from Tuesday 21st September 2021 through to Saturday 25th September 2021.  Specific times are yet to be confirmed and will be subject to weather restrictions.  It is anticipated that each session will last approximately 2-3 hours.

Where: The Science Museum site, Wroughton.

How: The trials are off road and would involve cyclists travelling over raised profile markings at different approach angles and at different speeds.  This is to replicate how cyclists might encounter the raised markings on the road network.  Cyclists may be asked to wear a heart monitor to gather heart rate data while undertaking the trials and be filmed to enable any variation in cycle stability to be observed.

Who: The trial would be limited to 20 participants for each type of bike – you may bring along more than one type of bike to the trials.  We are looking to include the following – road, hybrid, mountain, e-bikes, cargo bikes.

Other information:
Expectations: Participants will use their own bike/s.
Participant details, including types of bike, will be requested prior to the trials.
Participant details are required so that the project team can make direct contact in the event of cancellation or rescheduling etc.
Participants undertake the trials on a voluntary basis and at their own risk.
Participants will be fully briefed prior to the trials and comprehensive risk assessments will be developed which participants will have access to in advance of the trial date.
Participants reserve the right at anytime not to undertake the trials should they have any safety concerns.

What next:
If this is something that you would be interested in participating in, please reply by the 12th August 2021 to Alison Foale at
Please indicate the type of bike/s you would be using, your contact details and any other queries.


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