The Highway code is set to change on the 29th of January, with eight new rules being introduced as well as 49 updates to existing rules.  There are some fundamental changes that aim to make it safer to walk and cycle around urban environments, including the introduction of a hierarchy of road users that recognises in law that those who pose the greatest risk to others have a higher level of responsibility. This means someone cycling will have greater responsibility to look out for people walking, while someone driving would have greater responsibility to look out for people cycling, walking or riding a horse.

Key amendments in the new Highway Code include:

  • Clearer guidance for drivers overtaking people cycling to give at least 1.5m
  • Guidance on how drivers and passenger can prevent ‘car-dooring’ cyclists by using the Dutch Reach (open the car door using the arm furthest from it, so that it will only open a short way to check the coast is clear to open it fully)
  • Simplification on rules related to non-signalised junctions to prevent “left-hook” collisions

We love the videos that Cycling UK have made to explain some of the issues and rules:

Safer junctions

The Dutch Reach

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