Have your say on our bus services around Emlyn Square

You may have heard about the Swindon Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) through which we are working with Historic England to revitalise Swindon’s historic Railway Village and help it play a greater role in the town centre.

A key aim is to reduce the impact of vehicle traffic and encourage more walking and cycling in the area.  We are working with the principal local bus operators to reduce the number of buses that travel through the Railway Village each day.

We propose to reroute all outbound (westbound) buses along Faringdon Road and Park Lane instead of around Emlyn Square and Church Place.  In order to achieve this we need to relocate two bus stops, one at the Bakers on Emlyn Square and one at the end of Church Place.

We would like to hear your views about this proposal and how the relocation of the bus stops might affect you.

Please complete our short on-line survey at:

Swindon Borough Council website

This project is funded by Historic England through the Swindon Heritage Action Zone (HAZ).  To find out more about the Swindon HAZ go to:

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