Welcome to the Swindon  Transport Conversation Survey 2023!

Swindon Borough Council is gathering some important background information on public attitudes and feelings towards transport. We’re looking at how people currently choose to move around Swindon and the surrounding area, to understand what changes people would make in their travel behaviour and what level of improvements would be needed for that to happen. It’is important because we need to understand how things have changed  since the pandemic  – and how people are now choosing to travel, work at home, or make other changes to how they get around.

We are asking a short series of questions about travel and transport to keep it easy – but there’s also a chance for you to get involved in more depth. The evidence we collect will help us shape some of our short-term plans but importantly inform our Local Transport Plan and Local Plan development for the next 20 years.

We will be running a series of surveys and engagement exercises during 2023 to appeal to different audiences but based on the common theme of understanding people’s views on public transport, walking, cycling and other green forms of travel.

We would love residents to give just 10 minutes of their time to tell us about their views travel and transport by clicking:

(Closing date is 17th April 2023)


Help your friends travel simpler