Co-wheels car arrives to serve Walcot

The 4th Co-wheels car has arrived in Swindon.  It is based at the new Oakfield development on Marlowe Avenue, and is now available for any member of the Co-wheels car club to use.

The car club is a scheme where cars can be hired by the hour by members of the club.  It brings all the benefits of having a vehicle to drive when you need it, without the expense and hassle of owning a car.  Research shows that car clubs enable people to sell a car that gets little use, or prevents people from buying a car.

The brand new Yaris can be hired for less than £6 an hour, with daily rates available.  There’s a small mileage cost on top of this, but the price is fully inclusive of fuel, insurance, and tax.

The other cars available to drive in Swindon are:

  • Manual MG outside Wat Tyler House on Princes Street
  • Manual MG on Wellington Street opposite the railway station
  • Automatic Toyota Corrolla at Prospect Place in Old Town

To celebrate the new car’s arrival, there are FREE joining offers for new members, plus £15 driving credit and no monthly fees – just use the code SWINDON15 when you join at

Longer term, the Yaris will be swapped for a plug-in electric vehicle once the development has installed new charging points.

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