Let’s Talk Travel 

​Let’s Talk Travel is a project set up by the Gloucestershire Community Rail Partnership, where their extensive research found that travel has been evidenced as an added barrier preventing learners and job seekers from accessing education and employment opportunities further afield.  They discovered that up to 40% of learners and job seekers are avoiding opportunities which require travel.  To tackle this, they offer resources and services designed to blend with existing employability support programmes delivered by colleagues and other providers.  See their website for more details: 

Thanks to funding from GWR, Wiltshire and Swindon Sport (WASP) have produced leaflets in conjunction with Swindon Travel Choices that aim to counter these issues in the Swindon area.  Through tips and advice designed to increase travel confidence, it’s hoped that this will increase opportunities for job seekers, and improve health outcomes for those wanting to stay healthy through travel.

Download our leaflets below

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Let’s Talk Travel Video

Our colleagues at the Gloucestershire Community Rail Partnership have put together a series of videos to help explore issues and support individuals to improve their travel confidence. The videos are full of tips and advice for how to make travelling by public transport as easy as possible.

See the links below to access each chapter of the video as individual files. 

Video 1: Introduction

Video 2: Planning your journey

Video 3: Purchasing a ticket 

Video 4: Common Concerns

Video 5: Passenger Assist

Video 6: Travel Confidence summary 

Or what the whole video at (appears below)

Help your friends travel simpler